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Hereford Monitor Farm

Posted 25/5/2017

We have been chosen to run the AHDB monitor farm program from the farm in collaboration with Russell Price. 

The monitor farm program is a farmer led meeting group discussing and trialling new opportunities and addressing the issues of farming locally. 

Looking forward to meeting new people and sharing our problems. #monitorfarm ,look it up of the web or twitter.

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Last summer.... not long now.

Posted 25/5/2017

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Spring flight 2017

Posted 25/5/2017  Drone in may over the farm.

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Harvesting 2016

Posted 16/8/2016

Cutting Barley 2016Cutting Barley 2016

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Glad its rained

Posted 12/3/2016

Six Nations weekend. Spring coming and next week into fertiliser spreading and spring planting if dry enough. England vs Wales today though...

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New Post Title

Posted 26/2/2016

Time to come out of the winter feb 16Time to come out of the winter feb 16

New Post Title

Posted 14/8/2015

Wet day after a busy week.

Part way through harvesting. Some wheat done and some not ready.

Balers have been out but sadly not without incident... Small fire in one meant a visit from local engine, all out in double quick time. Thanks to them.

Had a nice Krone demonstrator courtesy of Pallisers of Hereford yesterday. Went very well...


Spread Fibrophos in Ledbury yesterday too and should be muck spreading today apart from the weather!


Summer nearly gone by the seems of it, who knows autumn might be hot

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New Post Title

Posted 20/7/2015

Well here we are into July. After another busy weeked baling hay from Ledbury to How Caple its a Monday....

Time for Bale loading, Trailer maintenance for harvest, topping grass tedding and spraying. 

Not long before harvest now. Barley almost ready and all rape sprayed off. tick tock...


We have a good quantity of hay baled in store for sale and will have straw available shortly....

Royal Welsh show week so its bound to rain.

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Posted 14/3/2015

This is the first draft site...sorry its a bit rough on the edges. hopefully we can improve as we learn a bit..m

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