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Out and about

 Mw Farming is committed to providing high-quality products and services to our customers.

We operate modern, well maintained equipment using RTK  GPS accuracy to improve precision and ensure a reliable and service.

We can offer Stubble to stubble contracts alongside individual job work including:

Ploughing  with 6 furrow auto reset machine

Power Harrowing 6m and 4m machines

Planting using folding 4m  Combination or Horsch 6 metre Pronto min till.

Cultivation with 5 metre one pass Mcconnell Discaerator with or without seeder.

Sumo cultivating and planting using mounted air seeder.

Spraying services using 12/24/30 m  self propelled machine with GPS shut off.

Variable rate Fertiliser spreading using patchwork system and GPS steering and Amazone Hydro and /or Bredal machines.

Muck spreading services using spinning disc machine and rear discharge beater machines. Loading shovel can be supplied for faster output.

Lime Spreading with Bredal Machine using Variable rate and Gps mapping. Also high capacity fertiliser Spreading using same machine.

Combining using 30ft Combine fitted with yield mapping system

Grassland Mowing with triple krone mower conditioners cutting 8.8m

Flail topping

Rotary topping using 4.6m Batwing high capacity mower with mulching blades.

Tedding with 8.8m spreader

Rowing up and turning with twin rotor rake

Baling with large square balers. 120 x 90  machines available

Round Baling with Variable chamber Krone Baler (1m-1.5m)

Bale wrapping all styles of bales with twin wrap system.

All aspects of silage work from cutting to pit both grass and maize.

Fencing using Protech contractor spec machine.


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